Artificial Nail Services

Ombre Full Set (Full) $65 

Ombre Full Set (Fill-in) $55 

Full Set Acrylic (Full) $40 

Full Set Acrylic (Fill-in) $30 

Pink & White Set (Full) $60 

Pink & White Set (Fill-in) $50 

Liquid Gel Set (Full) $55 

Liquid Gel Set (Fill-in) $40 

Gel Powder (Full) $45 

Gel Powder (Fill-in) $35 

Color Powder (Full) $50 

Color Powder (Fill-in) $40 

White Tip (Full) $45 

Full Set on Toes (Full) $55 

Full Set on Toes (Fill-in) $40 

Nail Repair $5 & up

Nail Trim $5 

Nail Design $5 / $10 / $15 Per Nail

Long Nail $5 / $10 & up

Special Shape $10 

(Coffin, Almond, Stiletto, Ballerina...)

Nail Removal $15 

Gel Color On Add Ons

Overlay $40 

Artifical Nails $10 

French Tips $15 

Deep French $25 

Spa Manicure

Basic Manicure $20 

Classic Manicure $25 

Treat yourself with our basic professional nail treatment for a clean and classy look!

The package includes:

• Nail trimming and shaping

• Cuticle grooming

• Lotion massage

• Application of polish

Deluxe Manicure $30 

Spend some time with us as our staff will provide you with the most pampering you deserve. The deluxe treatment is ideal for stressed hands, ourishing and promoting soft skin for a youthfull and radiant glow

The package includes .

• Classic Manicure

• Suger Scrub

• Hydration mask

• Het bowel wap

Gel Manicure $38 

There is no better way to treat yourself twinging in a relating Gd Manicure Thistent pro shiny, chip-free sails and se damage to your natural nails.

The package includes:

• Classic Manicure

• Your choice of Gel color

French Gel Manicure $42 

Ultimate Manicure $40 

Pamper yourself with this amazingly relaxing and invigorating manicure, which helps increase circulation and provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. It is great for healing, tuning dry and cracked son, making it silky and smooth again

The package includes:

• Classic Manicure

• Extensive & hand massage with buttercream

• Paraffin wax treatment

• Hot stone massage

Additional Services

Polish Change (Hands) $12 

Polish Change (Feet) $15 

French Polish Change (Hands) $15 

French Polish Change (Feet) $17 

Gel Polish Change (Hands) $30 

Gel Polish Change (Feet) $30 

Gel French Polish Change (Hands) $35 

Gel French Polish Change (Feet) $35 

Gel Polish Removal $10 

Nail Trimming (Hands) $8 

Nail Trimming (Feet) $10 

Individual Toe Nails $10 

Kid Services

(For children who are 12 years old and under)

Manicure $12 

Gel Manicure $30 

Pedicure $25 

Polish Change on Hand $8 

Polish Change on Feet $10 

Gel Polish Change on Hands / Feet $20 

Spa Pedicure

Basic Pedicure $31 

Classic Pedicure $38 

The pedicure provides basie professional care for your feet. Enjoy a relaxing pampering foot care experience with our excellent services.

The package includes:

• Total trimming, cuticle cleaning & calls removal

• Sugar scrub exfoliation

• Foot massage

Deluxe Pedicure $45 

Pamper and enjoy yourself with our premium pete! This is a the patience of highest quality din i ng moistures, and whencaloolistes tissue to the bounce back in your step.

The package includes

• Classic Parcure

• Mask Application

• Hot Towel Wrap

• Foot Massage with Lotion

• Application of polish

Ultimate Hot Stone Pedicure $67 

This is our most luxurious pedicure service. We only use certified organic products here. The highly restorative treatment for your feet offers an incredible experience starting with warm and perfectly smooth stones that are used to perform the massage for the foot to be deep tissue relaxation. Your technicien will help you release your tight mascles with more case at a deeper level. Pamper yourself with this luxury pedicure today!

The package includes:

• Classic Pedicure

• Sugar Scrub

• Mask

• Cooling Gel massage

• Paraffin wax

• Hot stone massage

• Hot towel wrap

Add Ons:  

* Gel Polish $20

* Paraffin wax $10

* Hot Stone $10

* Buff & Shine $8


Eyebrows $12 

Upper Lip $10 

Chin $10 & up

Neck $20 

Side Burn $15 

Full Face $45 

Full Arms $45 

Half Arms $35 

Under Arms $25 

Full Legs $70 

Half Legs $45 

Back $50 

Chest $50 

Bikini $35 & up

Brazillian $60 & up


All prices are subject to change due to services needed without notice

SNS/Dipping Powder

SNS Pink & White Set $60 

SNS One Color Set $50